Thursday, July 23, 2015

Final words from WTOC 2015

On our last day in Croatia, I asked the team to share their thoughts about the competition and the future:

Mika Latva-Kokko: Very good problems. A lot of work that I need to do - contour reading, sight lines, sighting to a distance, being more accurate about reading all the stuff on the map when it's needed to figure out the flag. Overall, I'm happy. Every day could have gone better, but all the mistakes I did were my mistakes. Some of them were punching mistakes, some of them were other type of mistakes. They're my mistakes that I can fix for the future. Hopefully, someday we'll get the same level of competition in the US.

David Irving: I thought it was pretty well done, especially after the weekend at Varazdin. They need to do more to speed up at the timed controls - more separation of the Paralympic and the Open. Particularly today at the tempO relay. If they had sent all the third leg runners to the timed controls after the start, you could have got them done instead of stacking everybody up so much that you give up on trying to get the third runners through the timed control.

Karen Dennis: Yeah, I'd like to see them work on the relay some more because that was almost exciting. They need to fine tune it.

Clare: I'm really happy with how I did this year. I mean, it still wasn't close to a podium or anything, but it's been overall just about my best trail-O yet. I don't remember exactly where I landed in the final results in the Czech Republic, but this has definitely been a good one. I was especially happy with my day two Pre-O performance and with the fact that the work I did to increase my speed on the TempO really seems to have paid off. I'm still not way up there, but I can see that there was progress so I'm hoping that continued work will get me further. So I'm looking forward to hopefully making the team again next year and going to Sweden and improving even further. That's my goal.

Sharon Crawford was not available for this interview.

Pictures of the U.S. Team courtesy of the Portuguese orienteering blog


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