Friday, July 14, 2017

Wet and Wild PreO

Thursday was the first day of the PreO competition, held at an outdoor museum showcasing Lithuanian traditions of various ethnographic groups. The weather was very wet and the course was quite challenging. With one control voided early on, no one had achieved a perfect score for the day. The course of 21 controls included a variety of challenges in terrain ranging from forest to buildings. After protests were handled an additional control was voided and three top competitors ended with the now perfect score of 19. 

Richard led Team USA with a score of 18 (9th place) and Clare was close behind at 17 points (28th place). Sharon scored 13 and stands in 61st place. 

In Paralympic competition, Matthew Pietro had the top US result with a score of 9 (34th place). Christ scored 8 (35th place) and Curtis scored 7 (37th place). 

This year the two days of Pre-O are separated by a day of Relay competition, so the second day of PreO won't take place until Saturday.

Richard seems surprised at the result of his solution method.

Curtis using his patented "map on the ground" method.

Christ is determined to conquer the course despite the rain.

Clare measures carefully to avoid any errors.

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