Sunday, August 21, 2016

Team USA arrives at 2016 WTOC

The 2016 World Trail Orienteering Championships begins tomorrow with the first model event. Team USA has arrived in Sweden and has been preparing for competition. Let's meet this year's team:
SHARON CRAWFORD of the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club is competing in her ninth WTOC. She has been a US orienteering powerhouse for decades. Over the years she has competed not only in Trail orienteering, but as a member of the Foot-O and Ski-O teams as well. She thinks it's really fun when she sees the course setter's ruse right away and feels confident about the control.
CLARE DURAND of the Los Angeles Orienteering Club is competing in her 5th WTOC. Clare hopes to continue her past improvement in the Temp-O discipline and would be especially delighted by making the Temp-O finals.
DANIEL HEIMGARTNER of the Quantico Orienteering Club is our newest Paralympic competitor. Daniel has a degenerative condition that has affected his balance. Over time he was gradually tripping more and more on his orienteering courses and he can no longer make it through a regular foot-O course. Daniel is just learning and wants to do the best he can.

DAVID IRVING of the San Diego Orienteering Club is a veteran Paralympic team member and the only USA medalist in WTOC. David won the Paralympic silver medal in 2005 and the Bronze in 2004. David also participates extensively in both caving and geocaching.
MIKA LATVA-KOKKO of the New England Orienteering Club is competing in his second WTOC. Mika wants to do better than last year and especially to eliminate his "stupid" mistakes - picking the correct flag, but saying the wrong name. He also hopes to improve his average time per control in temp-O.

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