Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TempO Triumph (sort of)

Anticipation was high among Team USA as they watched the live results at the TempO arena. As competitors completed each Tempo station, the results were remotely transmitted to a system which constantly updated the standings. Clare's results showed her progressing well and in reach of a place in the finals. Unfortunately, a few mistakes on the final station pushed her down the list and out of the finals. For the first time in WTOC history, competitors were split into two separate qualifying heats. Each heat included 36 competitors with the top 18 advancing to the finals. We were allowed only four entrants, so David sat this one out and let Daniel get his feet wet. This year produced our best results yet at a Championship TempO. Clare and Mika both turned in great results with Clare placing 25th in the blue heat and Mika placing 27th in the red heat.

Thoughts from the competitors

Mika: It went well today. I'm still too slow, but getting faster and didn't make any silly mistakes. I wish we had more TempO in the U.S. I really like it.
Sharon: I decided to go slowly and carefully to get more right. I was happy to get most of the controls right, but I was too slow. My accuracy is improving at the expense of speed. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because I'm stronger at PreO. Today was good preparation.
Clare: I was hoping to make the final, but felt that my times were too slow. I also believed I had missed two controls, but actually missed three. Still, when I saw the results it was a happy moment. I've been putting effort into constant improvement and it was nice to see improved results once again. For the first time I felt that making the final was realistically a possibility.
Daniel: There's room to improve. There were only a few paralympic competitors in the final. They should have a separate class.

Control of the Day:
Red Station 3, Control 5

This control was the most missed control of the day and Mika was one of it's victims. The control circle was on the end of the cliff, but the control itself was on the boulder cluster past the cliff. The difference between the cliff and the other rocks was easy to mistake.

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