Saturday, June 20, 2015

ECTO TempO in Varazdin

Today we competed on a TempO course as part of a pre-WTOC competition in nearby Varazdin. The solutions and results had not yet been released when we left, so we are in suspense until tomorrow. Clare had the fastest times of our team, and thinks she did fairly well, but only time will tell. The competition was held on the old castle grounds in the center of town. Problems mostly involved corners of buildings or individual trees and bushes. As always, many of the trickiest were Z controls where you had to realize that the featured circle was one that you couldn't really see from your vantage point. The coolest part was a small trail that went around the top of a berm surrounding the castle. A few of the viewing stations were up on the berm looking down toward the castle or out toward the town. Sharon has not yet arrived, so did not compete today.

The Varazdin events also include Foot-O, so Clare and Mika enjoyed a fast and furious park-O sprint in the morning before the temp-O. For more details you can visit Clare's attackpoint log.

Control of the Day:
Since we don't have solution maps yet available, I'll give you a taste of the sprint course. The craziest leg was 10 to 11. That opening between the building and fence north of #10 was a locked gate, so we had to run all the way around to approach #11 from the east.

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