Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Model Day 1

The weekend events are over and it's time to move on to the actual WTOC. None of the team had stellar results over the weekend, but we can certainly say that we learned a lot.

Today was the first model event. We had a PreO course with 12 controls and one timed control station plus two TempO stations. The area included very subtle terrain and extremely detailed mapping. Clare got all of the PreO controls correct, although she took her time to really understand the mapping. Mika worked on his speed at the timed controls and solved the TempO stations much more quickly than past Saturday.

Team Interview Question:
"After last weekend and today's model, what have you learned that you will bring with you into the competition?"
David: The model was a lot better done than last weekend. It gave me a better feeling that they are going to do a competent job for the rest of the competition. It was good to see them doing the timing. I think it was as much for them to iron out their practice as it was for us to learn how they're doing it.
Clare: To use the contour detail and relative height to solve problems. Many US Trail-O maps don't have accurate enough contour detail for that to be the best solution method, but it's clear that they are using that significantly here.
Mika: I'm not going to be as zero happy as I have been in the past. So I'm going to make sure that my zeros are clear zeros. I'm not going to pick zero just because the flag does not appear to be exactly in the right place.
Sharon: I think to analyze and keep my confidence up. Don't hesitate -- choose and move on.
Karen: (advice to the team) Wear insect repellent.

Control of the Day:
Control Cluster number 8 and 9

This cluster of four controls was used for two problems. Number eight required determining which of the first three flags was on the proper knoll and number nine was basically like an A control problem, trying to decide whether flag "D" was or was not in the correct position. From the viewing point, control eight was difficult. Many of the details in the area were hard to see. It was much easier to solve by viewing from the west, where this was the view:
In the first photo you can see that flag "B" is properly situated relative to the rootstock and that "A" is much too far south. In the second photo, you can see that flag "C" is on the wrong side of the trail. With this information you needed only to verify from the viewing site that control "B" was actually on the knoll.

Number 9 was solved by noting that the contour line ran directly between the rootstocks. You could then follow that contour over to the reentrant to determine that the control was at the correct position within the reentrant.

Solutions: 8-B, 9-D

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