Sunday, June 21, 2015

TempO Results

The TempO results from yesterday were published late last night. You can find them here.
Best US result was from Clare who placed 71 of 123 competitors, missing 4 controls along the way. Mika Latva-Kokko missed 5 controls and placed 87th. While these placings may seem low, they are quite an improvement for Team USA, who have had disappointing TempO results in earlier years. Let's hope we keep it up for the actual WTOC competition in a few days.

Control of the Day -- Control Cluster 1:
Three of the top seven competitors missed the first control in this cluster -- the only control missed by any of them. Clearly they hit us with something tricky right out of the chute. Clare missed this one because she really didn't know the control description for hedge and was confused by it's similarity to wall. Mika, David, and Karen all missed control number three, which was a very commonly missed control. It was necessary to clearly identify that the tree indicated by the circle and the control description was on the other side of the wall, so couldn't possibly be the answer.

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