Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Rainy Model day

Today was the first model day for PreO. If you've been watching the foot races you know how wet the sprint relay was yesterday. At least they get to run and stay warm. It's a little colder when you're just standing there getting wet. The terrain was very open fields with many depressions -- remnants of bombing from WWI. Trying to determine which ones were the mapped depressions was the order of the day. There was also a huge wall from a WWI fort. It was a really cool, historic spot.

Sharon and I both had excellent results with me getting everything correct and Sharon missing only one. Sharon said the terrain was excellent Alpine terrain and would be great for some X-country skiing. Oh well, wrong season.

Control of the day -- 4, 8, 9 cluster

Number 4 was an A control, meaning you just had to determine if that one control was correct or not. Controls 8 and 9 show how complicated the terrain could be, with some depressions mapped as such, while others showed up on the map as minor reentrants.

Photos of Fort Verle

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