Monday, July 7, 2014

That was hard!

TempO Qualification - Albere de Tenna

An extremely technical TempO today. The terrain was full of ditches, knolls, and other detailed contour features. Almost every problem was based in these types of features. USA results were pretty poor. Clare had the top US result, with a score of 779, but that was 51st place out of 57. For comparison, the top qualifying result was 231.5. There were six stations, each with four problems to solve. The maximum time at each station is two minutes. Your score is the total time you take at the stations plus a 30 second penalty for each control you get wrong.

Control of the day: station 5

This station was the bane of the US Team today. Between the three of us only one correct answer was given. You could see the hill to the right, but trying to identify each separate knoll in those ditches and determine how far down the hill things were was very difficult.

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