Sunday, July 6, 2014

TempO Model Day

After a fun day in Venice, running the spectator race and cheering on Samantha, the team has settled into our hotel and spent today at the TempO model event. TempO is a timed discipline with multiple maps to solve at each timed station. For Steve this was his first time doing TempO. He tried out both the bound and unbound map sets, and practiced giving answers both verbally -- with the phonetic alphabet -- and by pointing at the provided answer board.  Steve says, "It's a lot like standard timed controls."

Then on to the opening ceremony where we met up with the rest of Team USA for a grand parade through Asiago. We actually did parade down the main drag and into the square. The street was lined with cheering crowds who cheered even louder as we passed, mostly because the Italian team was right behind us. But you could definitely feel some USA love as well.

Time to get to bed and rest up for that first big competition tomorrow. Wish us well!

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