Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Very Tight Trail-O

Day 1 was shortened due to poor trail conditions from yesterday's rain. 19 controls turned into 12. The result was very close results. More than half of the field was within two controls of the leaders. Sharon Crawford had a phenomenal showing with a perfect score except for a slow time due to missing one timed control. Clare missed only two and had a decent timed control time. This still put her about halfway down the results list. Apparently there was a control thrown out due to a protest, so we are waiting to see how that affects Sharon's placing. She was in 4th with that control correct.

Control of the day: a pair of Zs

Control 5 was pretty tricky. Flag B was on a nice looking spur between the forested areas, but a detailed look at the map showed the small reentrant between two spurs there, so you could determine that the further spur must be correct.

Control 6 was fun. Sharon was all the way over at the fence, thinking it was the far wall, when she realized she had gone too far. The green was very low hanging coniferous branches. A single control was visible under the low canopy and clearly on a wall. But some careful identification of the knoll and deep look under those branches from the right vantage point revealed the shorter wall -- without the control.

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